Hi guys! OMG..... It took me so long to have this tiny time to write and post it in my blog. Not much happens till then, I just:-

- getting married
- moved to my husband's house at Perak.
- H & M were no longer mine (dad didn't allowed me to bring them)
- I adopted new cats: T & D (I cannot live without cats near me, daaa!!!)
- I am a tailor now (plus still an assistant photographer for my husband)

Errr, that was huge moments, aite? But nevermind.

So, since I didn't give a little shit about my blog, so the domain name was expired and I cannot use that name anymore, so I ll stick to blogeyja.blogspot.com for a while (or maybe forever???) because I have to priorities my money, and domain name is not included, so yeah...

Anyways, I will post more (I am scared to tell my husband that I blogged behind him). I think I am gonna type using a phone.. We will see bout that.

Oh, I might blog just about me, what I do what I say yada yada.. There is no collaboration with any company anymore, 'cause I know I cannot commit. So, apologise for whoever want me to review or advertise, I am truly sorry, because I have not so plenty time to cooperate. (I am sure that many other bloggers will review and advertise for you due to their pageviews)

So, that is it till now.

Talk to you later, bye :)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blog Eyja Dot Com No Longer Exist

Hi fellas. So this night, I would love to sembang about things I've done to be much more happier with my kehidupan. 'Cause I can tell sometimes, we thought our lives are screwed, but eventually, it is just us who pikir, 'hidup aku tak fun bla bla bla'.

So heres the several things that I do to be happier in my own way.

#1. Do not think about what other people think about you.

Seriously dude, lantaklah apa orang nak cakap pasal awak. You, live your life. If they nasihat you or even kutuk or bash you, just ambik the positive parts. Don't even think of the negative sides that they told you. You know you. You know your worth, so buat apa kau sibuk pikir apa orang pikir pasal kau. Kau lantakkan je. Orang nasihat, dengar. Dan ambik pengajaran, tapi tak perlu sampai stress out with people yang bring you down. They do not deserve you, seriously. It is totally none of your business. Just live up your lovely happy life. And smile. 😊

#2. Masa akan merawat duka.

Sape je tak pernah kecewa? Atau dipatah remukkan hatinya? Atau dipijak lunyai maruahnya? Sape yang tak pernah? I bet everyone does. But time heals every single thing, guys. It is true that it takes time. Tapi ia akan terawat dengan sendirinya. You can cry. Cry hardly. Tapi jangan tunjuk kat orang yang kau lemah. Jangan update any sort of status kat social medias: facebook, twitter, etc yang you are sad, you are angry and stuff.. Trust me. Orang yang baca, orang yang stalk life kau. Sebenarnya lagi ramai yang suka kau jatuh. Lagi ramai yang tepuk tangan belakang badan. So, take as deeper as breath you wanna take. But please. Please. Please. Smile and move on. When you smile, you will heal your feeling a lil bit. So percaya dengan Allah, yang everything will be fine.

#3. Do not make a comparison between your life and others.

It leads to #1 and #2. Jangan bandingkan hidup kau dengan orang lain (aku selalu rasa ni). Kau hidup kau. Dia hidup dia. Cara kau dilahirkan pun berbeza, apatah lagi perjalanan hidup kau. Jangan ever fikir yang hidup kau lagi better daripada orang, atau jangan perasan hidup kau lagi worst daripada orang lain. Masing-masing ada hidup masing-masing. I always thought that my life was 'suwey', tapi aku lupa. Yang sebenarnya Allah letak kat sesuatu keadaan tu, sebab Dia Maha Mengetahui yang aku mampu pikul keadaan tu. Your life is already beautiful as it can be. Do not compare your life to others.

#4. Do not judge other people.

You dont know how much theyve been struggled before. You have absolutely no idea what their journey macam mana, so do not judge them. Let them be. Nasihat is good. But please do personally. Jangan jadi: kau takde pun whatsapp dia. Kau takde pun call dia atau jumpa dia, tup-tup kau update status kat facebook, yang kau tak suka dia kau rasa dia acah bagus and so on. Seriously, in my opinion, orang yang marahkan someone then update status on facebook or whatsoever socmed without contact the person first, are coward. Berani update sebab mintak backup daripada kawan alam maya, yang realitinya. Pengecut. So do not judge other people. Live your life like I mentioned at #1, #2, and #3.

#5. Stop thinking too much.

This I already explained at #1. So yeah. Do not think sampai takleh tidur atau sampai terbawak-bawak dalam tidur. You own your life. So stop worrying and thinking too much. Takesahlah kau tak tahu apa akan jadi lepas-lepas tu, just live your life happily and calmly. You will be just fine..

So... Thats how I not usually tapi try to make on my daily life to ensure that I have better life. Do you have any motivational ways to lift up your life? Mind if share it with my readers? 😊😍

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cara nak buat hidup kita happy

Hi guys. It's already in the middle of 2018, but I didn't post anything yet. I have 24 hours a day just like you all, but I still cannot managed my time perfectly. I failed.. Again.. I guess. Nevermind.

Anyways, how are you guys doing? I hope it is fine. :) The reason why I write this is because, I got my laptop back. LMAO. But yeah, K took my laptop to susun album and do our photography stuff, 'cause I didn't do anything on my laptop, so yeah, he borrowed. So this puasa, he's not using my laptop due to kena meniaga bazaar for our duit kahwin (no lah, dia memang meniaga bazaar tiap Ramadhan :p). So he gave me my laptop back 'cause I'm the one yang akan susun all the gambar and stuffs (eventhough I belajar di GiatMARA untuk SKM 3, but still.. Work has to be done)

So yeah, that is the biggest reason why I didn't blog for a pretty long time. Oh God, I miss my blog. So much. I miss reading other bloggers's posts. I miss commenting on their blog posts. I miss edit my template in the 2 AM in the morning. I literally cried bila bukak blogger.com 

I don't know what to membebel lagi, I just nak cakap that thing. And I just nak type something. I miss my blogger life. But I have to balance between my current life and my needy life. Because, everything have changed. I no longer in a position that I can write in blog without being worry about other things. Sekarang ni pun time I tengah type, I still pikirkan album pengantin, still pikirkan baju-baju yang perlu dijahit. Penat namatey, tapi this is a life that I chose. Luckily, I have a man who supports me on doing what I love to do. And the best part, K pun menjahit macam aku. So yeah, thank you God for giving me this man: K <3

So, talk to you soon or later, and whoever reading this, I hope you have a lovely life and dirahmati Allah dan jugak diberikan kesihatan yang baik.  :)

Love, Eyja

Sunday, May 20, 2018

dot dot dot

While we’re all fans of beautifying the aesthetic of your room, we also happen to be big advocates of getting the most out of your bedroom. Smart hacks, simplifying things, and DIY storage ideas, are some of the things that are right up our alley.

So, if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to declutter your small bedroom, these clever tips will come in handy to help you rest easier. 

Organise your wardrobe like an OCD perfectionist 

Your clothes and belongings are probably eating up valuable space and cluttering your room if they’re laying around. Having a strict organisational method (and we really do mean strict) helps to keep things properly and orderly stored in your wardrobe and drawers.

Get rid of your old shabby clothes or clothes that you can’t fit anymore, hang your clothes in an orderly fashion (eg. clothes in one area, pants in another), to prevent yourself from ransacking the drawer searching for your underwear or socks.

Think out of the box...literally

(Image credit: popsugar.com)

Don’t limit your storage space to just wardrobes and drawers, think of creative ways to store your items. For instance, a “floating” wall shelf is one smart way to amplify your storage without sacrificing too much space. Overhead shelves work great to store your books and display items.

(Image credit: bhg.com)

One more creative way to organise your items is to hack your bedroom door by adding rails, hooks, or even some velcro tapes. Use this to hang your outfit for the next day, or for easily accessible knickknacks.


(Image credit: Sugru.com

Relatively simple, yet incredibly effective. If you’re constantly scrambling to find your keys, or if you need to sort out tangling cables, your old legos can literally give you a hand to keep your cables organised. 

Simply stick them to the side of your desk (or on the wall) with some Sugru and you have an awesome way of making your cables and wires accessible. 

Platform/storage beds 

Your bed is most probably the biggest culprit in eating up valuable space, and this is more notable when you have a small bedroom. So, one smart hack that you can maximise your storage space is to have platform beds or storage beds.
The secret to these beds are the multiple drawer compartments, whether if they are under or around the mattress. This extra storage slot enables you to store items like clothes, books, magazines, or your movie collection. You can even hide secret presents from your kids! 

If you’re on a tight budget and if you’re the kind of person who likes to build things, one relatively uncostly way you could do is to hack several IKEA products. Check out our guide on building a platform bed using IKEA products

Install a pegboard

(Image credit: decor8blog.com

We’re big fans of pegboards, not only do they look great in your home, but they’re also excellent storage solutions. You can organise anything from artwork and bracelets, to bags and watches. The best thing about a pegboard is that the items are on display, so you don’t have to ransack the drawer just to search for something particular. Hack magazines files to organise your letters and magazines

(Image credit: instructables.com

Your bills, magazines and letters will all pile up to become a paper landfill very quickly if you don’t organise them properly. Instead of allowing them to overwhelm your room with clutter, hack a couple of IKEA’s KNUFF magazine files and a wooden shelf, and you’ll never have to stress about organising your letters and magazines again.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

6 Brilliant Ways To Organise Your Bedroom That Is Just Too Good To Ignore


I had a friend that tak nak sekolah dah. Like she went to the teacher and said that she wanted to quit from school. And of courselah kan, that teacher asked why.. I do still remembered that she cakap, "my friends likes to gossip-ing (kecik hati I masa ni tau), the students were so fake, cikgu-cikgu kat sekolah ni semuanya fake; dalam lain kat luar lain, and sistem pengurusan especially education system were so not right and bla bla bla..."

So the teacher sighed and replied, "Okay boleh, tapi kena bawak segelas air penuh ni mengelilingi bangunan sekolah ni tanpa tumpahkannya waima setitis pun." My friend agreed. And she did. Then the teacher asked her one question, "when you brought that water keliling sekolah ni, did you hear anything, like gossip-ing?? Or did you see the fake people like you talked before??" And my friend said no. "Do you know why you didn't hear them all?", the teacher asked again. And my friend's answer was still no. And jawapan the teacher for her was so amazing and Subhanallah Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah..

"It was because you were so focus to not tumpahkan air dalam gelas yang you bring tu and you were so focus on the way you walked so that you takkan tersadung or terjatuh and etc."

So that's how life supposed to be, to be exact... Bila kita fokuskan hidup kita ni untuk Allah, untuk Akhirat nanti, untuk Syurga nanti, so:
  • Kita takkan ada masa nak tengok; orang ni silap, orang ni salah, orang tu tak betul and all that.
  • Kita takkan ada masa nak judge and criticize people around us.
  • Kita takkan nak bergossip with our cliques and talk about nothing.

Bila mana kita memfokuskan kehidupan kita hanya pada Allah SWT, we will definitely help people and also we will focus to achieve redha Allah SWT.. :)

We should not to be worry tentang apa yang orang cakapkan.. Cebause Because bila orang merendahkan kita, kita takkan jadi sampah. Bila orang sanjung kita, kita pun takkan jadi rembulan. So jangan risau dan jangan fikirkan langsung apa yang orang nak cakap, sebab setiap orang yang nampak dan tengok dan nilai kita, setiap daripada mereka mempunyai pandangan yang amatlah berbeza, bergantung macam mana dorang nak tengok kita, dorang nak judge kita.

Teruskanlah melangkah selama engkau berada in a right track, eventhough people throw shits at your kindness. There is no need explanation about yourself: "aku ni jenis macam ni, aku ni jenis macam tu." No need to explain anything. People who likes you takkan perlukan tu sebab they do like you. People who hates you will not going to believe that. So yeah, what's the point, aite?

Life is not about who is the best, but life is about who wants to do good. And if someone hurts you, do not revenge. Kill 'em with kindness (Selenator fans here!) Balaslah kejahatan ke atasmu dengan dengan kebaikan ke atas mereka.

Do not give up. Make yourself busy with kindness sampai keburukan pun dah malas nak follow kau. And have faith, Allah is with you.

P/S: Note to self, and others. <3


Friday, September 22, 2017

masa dah suntuk


Hi guys! This is going to be my first entry since the last entry I posted was about a month ago??? (sorry!!!) Well. For the past... I don't know, two to three weeks ago or even worst, two to three months ago was a very-very not me. Me was not being me. Y'all know what am I saying, right?? Blurrffff...

I've been searching for myself like crazy... I don't know what I want.. I don't know what I need... I don't even know apa yang aku nak mintak kat Tuhan... I lost, dude. I do. 

It was so freakin hard weh to get up and move on and do what I need have to do. It's already September 2017 but still, I didn't archieved what I supposed to archieve. Well, yeah. I have done my degree life and felt relived bila settle semua on degree life #roadtoconvo (tapi taknak update kat socmed sebab ada kawan aku yang tak dapat nak merasa U life and felt kesian dengan dorang kalau dorang nampak gambar aku sana sini lama-lama jadi menyampah pulak) (later I post entry bout this stuff)

But still, I have nothing.. I mean I felt like I did nothing. Yet.. 

I didn't get any offer for a job. And even if I do, I still couldn't go to. Sebab my job opportunities mostly banyak dan cerah kat KL dan Shah Alam, which was, yeah. My mom didn't allowed me to go far from her. So yeah, I packed my stuffs at Shah Alam and I returned.. Home...

You know, eventhough at that time, I felt macam bodoh gile left all of my living life there, but still. I was okay and I was doing fine. (I guess because of mom's blessings?? who knows right?) She claimed that I didn't belong there sebab tiap minggu dan pantang cuti je aku mesti balik. So yeap. It might be one of the reason, kan???

Mom asks me to follow the tradition which is menjahit. Yeap. She even asked me to sign up for a sewing lesson. So yeah, I guess it leads to #1 when she ordered me to come home. You know... To help and collaborate with her. (menjahit is fun! seriously!)

Our photography business were so busy namapus like busy gila I cant even have one day rest!! Nope! Monday till Friday are my sewing lesson class, Saturday and Sunday are when I am at kenduri, and tangkap gambar people. So yeah. No rest day or even a cheat day (bukan cheat day untuk orang diet ke??) But, but, but. It was so much fun. Penat! Tipu kalau tak penat. Tapi ni kan dunia je. Nanti kat Akhirat rehatlah puas-puas. And this #3 will leads to #4 nanti.

#4 - this is the positive point :)
I've gained so many experiences! I explored so many places eventhough the places was near to my house. Seriously weh, you don't have to travel far to collect experiences and explore new things. You just have to stop and look around you. There are so many pengalaman yang you boleh kutip. Takyah nak travel jauh-jauh semata-mata nak ikut orang lain dan setakat nak upload gambar kau travelled kat socmed kau. Serious. Take a look around you. 

I am no longer a planner addict. With my very tight schedule buat aku takde masa langsung untuk tulis cantik-cantik planner aku. (so rugi sebab dengan planner sedikit sebanyak life kau akan teratur). So I tried my best untuk carik masa tulis planner aku (pray for me!)

And there is many more tapi tak nak cakap kat sini, 'cause it's quite personal. SO yeah. At the age of 21 23, I felt like I ruined my life. But it's a lesson, kan? I make mistakes, but it's okay. It is a learning process. So, what have you doing for these couple of weeks? :) Feel free to share it with in the comment down below! <3


Monday, September 11, 2017

What A Hectic Me

"I am leaving". said Cbox to me. 
Indeed, I no longer have Cbox widget in my blog. 

Felt relieved, but at the same time. I felt lost 'cause I relied so much to it before this. But nevermind. It will heal.

Thank you Blogger Utara familia sebab adviced me to remove my Cbox. Love you guys!

p/s: Pasni comment kat post saya ya kalau nak bagitahu yang korang ada jejak Blog Eyja Dot Com/ Okay! <3

Thursday, August 31, 2017

I am Leaving

Hari ni aku nak promote kawan aku jap. Sebab dia ni memang superb. Aku kenal dia zaman aku habis Form 5 dulu, masa tu kami sama-sama joined Group Blogger Apekah??? (group ni dah takde dah, dah bubar, masing-masing bawak haluan sendiri) So kami kenai kat situ. Dan alhamdulillah, sampai sekarang aku still berkawan dengan dia: Aimi Syafiqah.

Dulu dialah ajaq aku English masa aku nak ambik MUET dulu. Sebab dulu dia UPSI apentah course dia tapi bahagian English lah. So memang quite close sampai lah sekarang ni. Ada lagi sorang geng Blogger Apekah??? pun aku still kamcing dengan dia; Razanah Anis. Tapi laa ni memasing pakat tukaq nama. Dulu Aimi guna nama dia, laa ni Baemi dah :P Pastu pulak dulu Anis, searang Flavnesz dah. Hahahaha Aku je yang maintain Blog Eyja dari dulu. Hihi..

So berbalik kepada Baemi tadi, dia memang design superb namampos lawa. Pernah design blog aku tapi aku buli nak free je, dan dia pun ikut je. Kahkahkah sorry taiyang. Dulu masa diploma dia ambik kat UPSI, laa ni dia sambung Master eh tak Degree kat ehem-ehem biarlah rahsia dan nanti lepaih grad dia jadi Graphic Designer lah toq! Tu pasailah aku cakap dia hebat sebab memang bidang dia! (dulu tak belajar ni pun jadi blog designer, kad kahwin designer eh designerlah senang cakap. Hihihi.

LAB is a re-brand from PyqaDesign. Sebab rebrand? Sebab dulu sorang-sorang. Tapi sekarang dah ada business partner. Jadi, LAB (Le Art Bae) menyediakan servis design. Boleh design aaaaaaaanything. Hambuih
  • Wedding Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Sticker
  • Packaging
  • Banner
  • Bunting
  • Backdrop
  • Business Cards
  • Sampul Duit Raya
  • Bookmark
  • Book Cover
  • Blog Design
  • Header Blog
  • Online Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Logo
  • Tag

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan tentang harga, design, sample or anything related; feel free to whatsapp 014-3436432. Nanti kuli LAB nama Aimi akan entertain your pertanyaan dekat whatsapp tu hihi. Jaga-jaga, budak tu sengal sikit XD

Friday, August 25, 2017

LAB (Le Art Bae) Designing Service

Man in Red Jacket Sitting on Brown Wooden Bench 

Have you ever felt bored? Well, at least once a week? Or even better, once a month? Like you do not know what to do. Like having no clue what is your life going to be on that particular day? Mesti pernah, kan? It's a lie kalau tak dak rasa bosan... Hohoho.

Pastu like macam you were already bored, but still couldn't figured out what would make you feeling less bored, kan?? (get the picture?) So here I am, to share to you that there are 50+ things that you can posibbly do when you are bored. You can try to do it when feeling bored :)
  • Write a journal
  • Shop for shoes
  • Try Pinterest DIY
  • Decorate your room
  • Take a long and relax bath
  • Bake a dessert for friends and family
  • Upload old vacation photos on Facebook
  • Listen to the music
  • Analyze your dream
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Organize your bookshelves
  • Wash your make up brushes
  • Get a haircut
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Call up an old friend
  • Update your resume
  • Write your own play script
  • Find 10 pieces of clothing to give away
  • Practise your outdoor photography
  • Do a braid 
  • Volunteer at charity
  • Scribble your coloring book
  • Go hiking
  • Catch up on celebrity news
  • Plant a garden
  • Make a new friends
  • Organize photos on your phone
  • People-watch in a park
  • Go for a 20 minutes walk 
  • Go bowling
  • Sing at the karaoke place
  • Take a new Facebook profile picture
  • Review book on Goodreads
  • Adopt a pet
  • Practise speed reading
  • Plan a vacation
  • Babysit for cash
  • Organize a picnic
  • Write a poem
  • Sketch a potrait
  • Play hide and seek
  • Laugh or smile
  • Buy yourself something
  • Paint your walls
  • Learn a new language
  • Practise a makeup tutorial
  • Pick fruits
  • Take yourself out to dinner
  • Practise meditation
  • Exercise
  • Try a new drink at cafe
  • Map out your family tree
  • Start a srcapbook
  • Compliment a few strangers
  • Smile whenever you pass by strangers
  • Breath in breath out with a smile happy face
  • Read Al-Quran
  • Make one day as your not-looking-at-phone-day
  • Take a road trip

And there are what you can do during your bored time but please and please and please..

Don't sleep or laying on your bed all day.
Don't eat too much even if it makes you happy. 

So there are the two things that you cannot do when you are bored.. Come on, get creative and help your body to be healthy. And enjoy your body movement when you are doing something.  I hope this tips may help you about what to do and what not to do when you are bored...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

50 benda yang boleh buat & dua benda yang tak boleh buat bila bosan

Top view desk work laptop and coffee cup notepad in home office. Free Photo

Hai assalamualaikum everybody! MasyaAllah, it has been soooo long since I didn't update my entries. I am truly apologize for not posting any entries because, I have been so sibuk not tooo sibuk but I couldn't find the right and perfect time to update my blog...

There are lots of draft posts that I have saved a long time ago. But I couldn't published it due to:
  • internal hard disk laptop rosak
  • internet slow gile namatey sebab dia update apentah for like 2 months!!!
  • settle everything down kat U sebab dah habis belajar
  • dapat wahyu akal untuk belajar "FnD" (let it remain secret) kat Giatmara puleks (I got no rest okay!)
  • buat 3rd job as an assistant for K
  • I sucks at managing my time
  • tak jadi nak publish post sebab dah tak ingat dalam post tu nak sembang pasal apa
  • dan the major reason is have no mood to write down. (like balik, penat, mandi solat makan tidoq tak sdaq pa!)
Yessss...... Finally I felt so relieved dapat luahkan pasaipeeeee tak boleh nak update blog.And one more thing that made me so lega was I made a second blog!!!!!!
Just for my bloglists...

I know, cool, right? :P. I got this tips from my blogger family which is Blogger Utara.. To put bloglists in another blog. SO that tak serabut. And yes... Tak serabut... Whenever I want to stalk people, I will just straight away go to my second blog and scroll my bloglists and then... Walahhhhh. 

So guys, feel free to visit my second blog if in case you have no idea who you want to stalk, nak tengok blog orang, searching for new ideas etc. 

I hope you may find new blogging friends when you click their names on my second blog and perhaps ideas to post new entry,,,,, get inspire your desire living la vida on how they designed their blog and stuffs..

Because those are all the blogs that Blog Eyja Suka.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Second Blog for Bloglists...

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