It all started when I found a blog belongs to my friend: Zahira (she's happily married now and have a beautiful children) and I thought, "how about I create mine?" And... nine years ago in a one fine day, BLOG EYJA was born. And I never looked back since then. It is because, blogging world is the world that I finally can accentuate myself. This is the place where I share my thoughts, my feelings and also my experiences.

So, hi! Name is Eyja Azman. In the age of 20, 23 okay fine 25 years old, I successfully own a cat: Deepa. *drumroll*  And I can proudly announced that I am married now! With A, for sure ♥. And what can I say? I still am my parents' princess (well, since I'm their only child so duhh).

This BLOG EYJA has become part of my life. And I would love to bring BLOG EYJA not just into a higher level, but also to make it worth for everybody especially who is visiting my blog and definitely for myself. So this is my happy place and I do hope it can be yours too!

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