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Hi guys! OMG..... It took me so long to have this tiny time to write and post it in my blog. Not much happens till then, I just:-

- getting married
- moved to my husband's house at Perak.
- H & M were no longer mine (dad didn't allowed me to bring them)
- I adopted new cats: T & D (I cannot live without cats near me, daaa!!!)
- I am a tailor now (plus still an assistant photographer for my husband)

Errr, that was huge moments, aite? But nevermind.

So, since I didn't give a little shit about my blog, so the domain name was expired and I cannot use that name anymore, so I ll stick to for a while (or maybe forever???) because I have to priorities my money, and domain name is not included, so yeah...

Anyways, I will post more (I am scared to tell my husband that I blogged behind him). I think I am gonna type using a phone.. We will see bout that.

Oh, I might blog just about me, what I do what I say yada yada.. There is no collaboration with any company anymore, 'cause I know I cannot commit. So, apologise for whoever want me to review or advertise, I am truly sorry, because I have not so plenty time to cooperate. (I am sure that many other bloggers will review and advertise for you due to their pageviews)

So, that is it till now.

Talk to you later, bye :)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blog Eyja DOT Com No Longer Exist

Hi fellas. So this night, I would love to sembang about things I've done to be much more happier with my kehidupan. 'Cause I can tell sometimes, we thought our lives are screwed, but eventually, it is just us who pikir, 'hidup aku tak fun bla bla bla'.

So heres the several things that I do to be happier in my own way.

#1. Do not think about what other people think about you.

Seriously dude, lantaklah apa orang nak cakap pasal awak. You, live your life. If they nasihat you or even kutuk or bash you, just ambik the positive parts. Don't even think of the negative sides that they told you. You know you. You know your worth, so buat apa kau sibuk pikir apa orang pikir pasal kau. Kau lantakkan je. Orang nasihat, dengar. Dan ambik pengajaran, tapi tak perlu sampai stress out with people yang bring you down. They do not deserve you, seriously. It is totally none of your business. Just live up your lovely happy life. And smile. 😊

#2. Masa akan merawat duka.

Sape je tak pernah kecewa? Atau dipatah remukkan hatinya? Atau dipijak lunyai maruahnya? Sape yang tak pernah? I bet everyone does. But time heals every single thing, guys. It is true that it takes time. Tapi ia akan terawat dengan sendirinya. You can cry. Cry hardly. Tapi jangan tunjuk kat orang yang kau lemah. Jangan update any sort of status kat social medias: facebook, twitter, etc yang you are sad, you are angry and stuff.. Trust me. Orang yang baca, orang yang stalk life kau. Sebenarnya lagi ramai yang suka kau jatuh. Lagi ramai yang tepuk tangan belakang badan. So, take as deeper as breath you wanna take. But please. Please. Please. Smile and move on. When you smile, you will heal your feeling a lil bit. So percaya dengan Allah, yang everything will be fine.

#3. Do not make a comparison between your life and others.

It leads to #1 and #2. Jangan bandingkan hidup kau dengan orang lain (aku selalu rasa ni). Kau hidup kau. Dia hidup dia. Cara kau dilahirkan pun berbeza, apatah lagi perjalanan hidup kau. Jangan ever fikir yang hidup kau lagi better daripada orang, atau jangan perasan hidup kau lagi worst daripada orang lain. Masing-masing ada hidup masing-masing. I always thought that my life was 'suwey', tapi aku lupa. Yang sebenarnya Allah letak kat sesuatu keadaan tu, sebab Dia Maha Mengetahui yang aku mampu pikul keadaan tu. Your life is already beautiful as it can be. Do not compare your life to others.

#4. Do not judge other people.

You dont know how much theyve been struggled before. You have absolutely no idea what their journey macam mana, so do not judge them. Let them be. Nasihat is good. But please do personally. Jangan jadi: kau takde pun whatsapp dia. Kau takde pun call dia atau jumpa dia, tup-tup kau update status kat facebook, yang kau tak suka dia kau rasa dia acah bagus and so on. Seriously, in my opinion, orang yang marahkan someone then update status on facebook or whatsoever socmed without contact the person first, are coward. Berani update sebab mintak backup daripada kawan alam maya, yang realitinya. Pengecut. So do not judge other people. Live your life like I mentioned at #1, #2, and #3.

#5. Stop thinking too much.

This I already explained at #1. So yeah. Do not think sampai takleh tidur atau sampai terbawak-bawak dalam tidur. You own your life. So stop worrying and thinking too much. Takesahlah kau tak tahu apa akan jadi lepas-lepas tu, just live your life happily and calmly. You will be just fine..

So... Thats how I not usually tapi try to make on my daily life to ensure that I have better life. Do you have any motivational ways to lift up your life? Mind if share it with my readers? 😊😍

Monday, May 21, 2018

How To Be Happy 
Hi guys. It's already in the middle of 2018, but I didn't post anything yet. I have 24 hours a day just like you all, but I still cannot managed my time perfectly. I failed.. Again.. I guess. Nevermind.

Anyways, how are you guys doing? I hope it is fine. :) The reason why I write this is because, I got my laptop back. LMAO. But yeah, A took my laptop to susun album and do our photography stuff, 'cause I didn't do anything on my laptop, so yeah, he borrowed. So this puasa, he's not using my laptop due to kena meniaga bazaar for our duit kahwin (no lah, dia memang meniaga bazaar tiap Ramadhan :p). So he gave me my laptop back 'cause I'm the one yang akan susun all the gambar and stuffs (eventhough I belajar di GiatMARA untuk SKM 3, but still.. Work has to be done)

So yeah, that is the biggest reason why I didn't blog for a pretty long time. Oh God, I miss my blog. So much. I miss reading other bloggers's posts. I miss commenting on their blog posts. I miss edit my template in the 2 AM in the morning. I literally cried bila bukak 

I don't know what to membebel lagi, I just nak cakap that thing. And I just nak type something. I miss my blogger life. But I have to balance between my current life and my needy life. Because, everything have changed. I no longer in a position that I can write in blog without being worry about other things. Sekarang ni pun time I tengah type, I still pikirkan album pengantin, still pikirkan baju-baju yang perlu dijahit. Penat namatey, tapi this is a life that I chose. Luckily, I have a man who supports me on doing what I love to do. And the best part, A pun menjahit macam aku. So yeah, thank you God for giving me this man: A <3

So, talk to you soon or later, and whoever reading this, I hope you have a lovely life and dirahmati Allah dan jugak diberikan kesihatan yang baik.  :)

Love, Eyja

Sunday, May 20, 2018

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