Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dot Dot Dot 
Hi guys. It's already in the middle of 2018, but I didn't post anything yet. I have 24 hours a day just like you all, but I still cannot managed my time perfectly. I failed.. Again.. I guess. Nevermind.

Anyways, how are you guys doing? I hope it is fine. :) The reason why I write this is because, I got my laptop back. LMAO. But yeah, A took my laptop to susun album and do our photography stuff, 'cause I didn't do anything on my laptop, so yeah, he borrowed. So this puasa, he's not using my laptop due to kena meniaga bazaar for our duit kahwin (no lah, dia memang meniaga bazaar tiap Ramadhan :p). So he gave me my laptop back 'cause I'm the one yang akan susun all the gambar and stuffs (eventhough I belajar di GiatMARA untuk SKM 3, but still.. Work has to be done)

So yeah, that is the biggest reason why I didn't blog for a pretty long time. Oh God, I miss my blog. So much. I miss reading other bloggers's posts. I miss commenting on their blog posts. I miss edit my template in the 2 AM in the morning. I literally cried bila bukak 

I don't know what to membebel lagi, I just nak cakap that thing. And I just nak type something. I miss my blogger life. But I have to balance between my current life and my needy life. Because, everything have changed. I no longer in a position that I can write in blog without being worry about other things. Sekarang ni pun time I tengah type, I still pikirkan album pengantin, still pikirkan baju-baju yang perlu dijahit. Penat namatey, tapi this is a life that I chose. Luckily, I have a man who supports me on doing what I love to do. And the best part, A pun menjahit macam aku. So yeah, thank you God for giving me this man: A <3

So, talk to you soon or later, and whoever reading this, I hope you have a lovely life and dirahmati Allah dan jugak diberikan kesihatan yang baik.  :)

Love, Eyja


"Burung serindit terbang melayang,
Mari hinggap di ranting mati,
Bukan ringgit pandangan orang,
Budi bahasa tangkaian hati."

Berbudi dan berbahasalah seolah-olah esok kita akan mati.
Be courteous like it seems we are going to die tomorrow.


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