Assalamualaikum guys. How are you guys doing? Its a good start for 2021, for me. My goal is remain the same: to have a productive life. But.... Still cannot fulfill it. hahahaha

    Well. I know that we all hope for a better days in 2021 due to this global pandemic COVID-19 in 2020. I mean, all of us were effected, especially "rakyat marhaen" like me, and you? Anyways. everything happens must be a reason. So lets just keep du'a that everything will going well. 

    Ok I dowana talk about this pandemic (it scares me). I think I still love blogging. Like come on, I've been blogging since I was 16. Its already 10 years ago. I cannot simply dump this feeling about blog. Eventhough I know not much of us still blog. Most of them turned into vlog. Like who wants to read at 2021? Duhh.. But its okay. I still love to type. hahahahaha

    I am thinking of should I change my domain or not. I dont know. I wanna change it to but its no longer exist. So, I thought about since its my official name currently. But, I dont feel like Im in that domain. I dont know. Perhaps cause Ive been with blogeyja for a very long time? So I dont feel like want to change it? I DONT KNOW! So I guess I just gonna let it be dulu kot? .......... Yeah. I stick to dulu....

    Cause I dont see how many of you who would still read my blog. I mean if I change it to blogeyja dot com, it is still me. My blog. People can just search blog eyja and taddaaa it will appears. So yeah..

Ok, talk to you later. My twins are already calling me and I am hungry. Byebye.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2021: Always Be Thankful

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