While we’re all fans of beautifying the aesthetic of your room, we also happen to be big advocates of getting the most out of your bedroom. Smart hacks, simplifying things, and DIY storage ideas, are some of the things that are right up our alley.

So, if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to declutter your small bedroom, these clever tips will come in handy to help you rest easier. 

Organise your wardrobe like an OCD perfectionist 

Your clothes and belongings are probably eating up valuable space and cluttering your room if they’re laying around. Having a strict organisational method (and we really do mean strict) helps to keep things properly and orderly stored in your wardrobe and drawers.

Get rid of your old shabby clothes or clothes that you can’t fit anymore, hang your clothes in an orderly fashion (eg. clothes in one area, pants in another), to prevent yourself from ransacking the drawer searching for your underwear or socks.

Think out of the box...literally

(Image credit: popsugar.com)

Don’t limit your storage space to just wardrobes and drawers, think of creative ways to store your items. For instance, a “floating” wall shelf is one smart way to amplify your storage without sacrificing too much space. Overhead shelves work great to store your books and display items.

(Image credit: bhg.com)

One more creative way to organise your items is to hack your bedroom door by adding rails, hooks, or even some velcro tapes. Use this to hang your outfit for the next day, or for easily accessible knickknacks.


(Image credit: Sugru.com

Relatively simple, yet incredibly effective. If you’re constantly scrambling to find your keys, or if you need to sort out tangling cables, your old legos can literally give you a hand to keep your cables organised. 

Simply stick them to the side of your desk (or on the wall) with some Sugru and you have an awesome way of making your cables and wires accessible. 

Platform/storage beds 

Your bed is most probably the biggest culprit in eating up valuable space, and this is more notable when you have a small bedroom. So, one smart hack that you can maximise your storage space is to have platform beds or storage beds.
The secret to these beds are the multiple drawer compartments, whether if they are under or around the mattress. This extra storage slot enables you to store items like clothes, books, magazines, or your movie collection. You can even hide secret presents from your kids! 

If you’re on a tight budget and if you’re the kind of person who likes to build things, one relatively uncostly way you could do is to hack several IKEA products. Check out our guide on building a platform bed using IKEA products

Install a pegboard

(Image credit: decor8blog.com

We’re big fans of pegboards, not only do they look great in your home, but they’re also excellent storage solutions. You can organise anything from artwork and bracelets, to bags and watches. The best thing about a pegboard is that the items are on display, so you don’t have to ransack the drawer just to search for something particular. Hack magazines files to organise your letters and magazines

(Image credit: instructables.com

Your bills, magazines and letters will all pile up to become a paper landfill very quickly if you don’t organise them properly. Instead of allowing them to overwhelm your room with clutter, hack a couple of IKEA’s KNUFF magazine files and a wooden shelf, and you’ll never have to stress about organising your letters and magazines again.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

6 Brilliant Ways To Organise Your Bedroom That Is Just Too Good To Ignore


I had a friend that tak nak sekolah dah. Like she went to the teacher and said that she wanted to quit from school. And of courselah kan, that teacher asked why.. I do still remembered that she cakap, "my friends likes to gossip-ing (kecik hati I masa ni tau), the students were so fake, cikgu-cikgu kat sekolah ni semuanya fake; dalam lain kat luar lain, and sistem pengurusan especially education system were so not right and bla bla bla..."

So the teacher sighed and replied, "Okay boleh, tapi kena bawak segelas air penuh ni mengelilingi bangunan sekolah ni tanpa tumpahkannya waima setitis pun." My friend agreed. And she did. Then the teacher asked her one question, "when you brought that water keliling sekolah ni, did you hear anything, like gossip-ing?? Or did you see the fake people like you talked before??" And my friend said no. "Do you know why you didn't hear them all?", the teacher asked again. And my friend's answer was still no. And jawapan the teacher for her was so amazing and Subhanallah Allahuakbar Alhamdulillah..

"It was because you were so focus to not tumpahkan air dalam gelas yang you bring tu and you were so focus on the way you walked so that you takkan tersadung or terjatuh and etc."

So that's how life supposed to be, to be exact... Bila kita fokuskan hidup kita ni untuk Allah, untuk Akhirat nanti, untuk Syurga nanti, so:
  • Kita takkan ada masa nak tengok; orang ni silap, orang ni salah, orang tu tak betul and all that.
  • Kita takkan ada masa nak judge and criticize people around us.
  • Kita takkan nak bergossip with our cliques and talk about nothing.

Bila mana kita memfokuskan kehidupan kita hanya pada Allah SWT, we will definitely help people and also we will focus to achieve redha Allah SWT.. :)

We should not to be worry tentang apa yang orang cakapkan.. Cebause Because bila orang merendahkan kita, kita takkan jadi sampah. Bila orang sanjung kita, kita pun takkan jadi rembulan. So jangan risau dan jangan fikirkan langsung apa yang orang nak cakap, sebab setiap orang yang nampak dan tengok dan nilai kita, setiap daripada mereka mempunyai pandangan yang amatlah berbeza, bergantung macam mana dorang nak tengok kita, dorang nak judge kita.

Teruskanlah melangkah selama engkau berada in a right track, eventhough people throw shits at your kindness. There is no need explanation about yourself: "aku ni jenis macam ni, aku ni jenis macam tu." No need to explain anything. People who likes you takkan perlukan tu sebab they do like you. People who hates you will not going to believe that. So yeah, what's the point, aite?

Life is not about who is the best, but life is about who wants to do good. And if someone hurts you, do not revenge. Kill 'em with kindness (Selenator fans here!) Balaslah kejahatan ke atasmu dengan dengan kebaikan ke atas mereka.

Do not give up. Make yourself busy with kindness sampai keburukan pun dah malas nak follow kau. And have faith, Allah is with you.

P/S: Note to self, and others. <3


Friday, September 22, 2017

Masa Dah Time


Hi guys! This is going to be my first entry since the last entry I posted was about a month ago??? (sorry!!!) Well. For the past... I don't know, two to three weeks ago or even worst, two to three months ago was a very-very not me. Me was not being me. Y'all know what am I saying, right?? Blurrffff...

I've been searching for myself like crazy... I don't know what I want.. I don't know what I need... I don't even know apa yang aku nak mintak kat Tuhan... I lost, dude. I do. 

It was so freakin hard weh to get up and move on and do what I need have to do. It's already September 2017 but still, I didn't archieved what I supposed to archieve. Well, yeah. I have done my degree life and felt relived bila settle semua on degree life #roadtoconvo (tapi taknak update kat socmed sebab ada kawan aku yang tak dapat nak merasa U life and felt kesian dengan dorang kalau dorang nampak gambar aku sana sini lama-lama jadi menyampah pulak) (later I post entry bout this stuff)

But still, I have nothing.. I mean I felt like I did nothing. Yet.. 

I didn't get any offer for a job. And even if I do, I still couldn't go to. Sebab my job opportunities mostly banyak dan cerah kat KL dan Shah Alam, which was, yeah. My mom didn't allowed me to go far from her. So yeah, I packed my stuffs at Shah Alam and I returned.. Home...

You know, eventhough at that time, I felt macam bodoh gile left all of my living life there, but still. I was okay and I was doing fine. (I guess because of mom's blessings?? who knows right?) She claimed that I didn't belong there sebab tiap minggu dan pantang cuti je aku mesti balik. So yeap. It might be one of the reason, kan???

Mom asks me to follow the tradition which is menjahit. Yeap. She even asked me to sign up for a sewing lesson. So yeah, I guess it leads to #1 when she ordered me to come home. You know... To help and collaborate with her. (menjahit is fun! seriously!)

Our photography business were so busy namapus like busy gila I cant even have one day rest!! Nope! Monday till Friday are my sewing lesson class, Saturday and Sunday are when I am at kenduri, and tangkap gambar people. So yeah. No rest day or even a cheat day (bukan cheat day untuk orang diet ke??) But, but, but. It was so much fun. Penat! Tipu kalau tak penat. Tapi ni kan dunia je. Nanti kat Akhirat rehatlah puas-puas. And this #3 will leads to #4 nanti.

#4 - this is the positive point :)
I've gained so many experiences! I explored so many places eventhough the places was near to my house. Seriously weh, you don't have to travel far to collect experiences and explore new things. You just have to stop and look around you. There are so many pengalaman yang you boleh kutip. Takyah nak travel jauh-jauh semata-mata nak ikut orang lain dan setakat nak upload gambar kau travelled kat socmed kau. Serious. Take a look around you. 

I am no longer a planner addict. With my very tight schedule buat aku takde masa langsung untuk tulis cantik-cantik planner aku. (so rugi sebab dengan planner sedikit sebanyak life kau akan teratur). So I tried my best untuk carik masa tulis planner aku (pray for me!)

And there is many more tapi tak nak cakap kat sini, 'cause it's quite personal. SO yeah. At the age of 21 23, I felt like I ruined my life. But it's a lesson, kan? I make mistakes, but it's okay. It is a learning process. So, what have you doing for these couple of weeks? :) Feel free to share it with in the comment down below! <3


Monday, September 11, 2017

What A Hectic Me

"I am leaving". said Cbox to me. 
Indeed, I no longer have Cbox widget in my blog. 

Felt relieved, but at the same time. I felt lost 'cause I relied so much to it before this. But nevermind. It will heal.

Thank you Blogger Utara familia sebab adviced me to remove my Cbox. Love you guys!

p/s: Pasni comment kat post saya ya kalau nak bagitahu yang korang ada jejak Blog Eyja Dot Com/ Okay! <3

Thursday, August 31, 2017

I am Leaving... Farewell.. Thank you.

Hari ni aku nak promote kawan aku jap. Sebab dia ni memang superb. Aku kenal dia zaman aku habis Form 5 dulu, masa tu kami sama-sama joined Group Blogger Apekah??? (group ni dah takde dah, dah bubar, masing-masing bawak haluan sendiri) So kami kenai kat situ. Dan alhamdulillah, sampai sekarang aku still berkawan dengan dia: Aimi Syafiqah.

Dulu dialah ajaq aku English masa aku nak ambik MUET dulu. Sebab dulu dia UPSI apentah course dia tapi bahagian English lah. So memang quite close sampai lah sekarang ni. Ada lagi sorang geng Blogger Apekah??? pun aku still kamcing dengan dia; Razanah Anis. Tapi laa ni memasing pakat tukaq nama. Dulu Aimi guna nama dia, laa ni Baemi dah :P Pastu pulak dulu Anis, searang Flavnesz dah. Hahahaha Aku je yang maintain Blog Eyja dari dulu. Hihi..

So berbalik kepada Baemi tadi, dia memang design superb namampos lawa. Pernah design blog aku tapi aku buli nak free je, dan dia pun ikut je. Kahkahkah sorry taiyang. Dulu masa diploma dia ambik kat UPSI, laa ni dia sambung Master eh tak Degree kat ehem-ehem biarlah rahsia dan nanti lepaih grad dia jadi Graphic Designer lah toq! Tu pasailah aku cakap dia hebat sebab memang bidang dia! (dulu tak belajar ni pun jadi blog designer, kad kahwin designer eh designerlah senang cakap. Hihihi.

LAB is a re-brand from PyqaDesign. Sebab rebrand? Sebab dulu sorang-sorang. Tapi sekarang dah ada business partner. Jadi, LAB (Le Art Bae) menyediakan servis design. Boleh design aaaaaaaanything. Hambuih
  • Wedding Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Sticker
  • Packaging
  • Banner
  • Bunting
  • Backdrop
  • Business Cards
  • Sampul Duit Raya
  • Bookmark
  • Book Cover
  • Blog Design
  • Header Blog
  • Online Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Logo
  • Tag

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan tentang harga, design, sample or anything related; feel free to whatsapp 014-3436432. Nanti kuli LAB nama Aimi akan entertain your pertanyaan dekat whatsapp tu hihi. Jaga-jaga, budak tu sengal sikit XD

Friday, August 25, 2017

LAB (Le Art Bae) Designing Service

Man in Red Jacket Sitting on Brown Wooden Bench 

Have you ever felt bored? Well, at least once a week? Or even better, once a month? Like you do not know what to do. Like having no clue what is your life going to be on that particular day? Mesti pernah, kan? It's a lie kalau tak dak rasa bosan... Hohoho.

Pastu like macam you were already bored, but still couldn't figured out what would make you feeling less bored, kan?? (get the picture?) So here I am, to share to you that there are 50+ things that you can posibbly do when you are bored. You can try to do it when feeling bored :)
  • Write a journal
  • Shop for shoes
  • Try Pinterest DIY
  • Decorate your room
  • Take a long and relax bath
  • Bake a dessert for friends and family
  • Upload old vacation photos on Facebook
  • Listen to the music
  • Analyze your dream
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Organize your bookshelves
  • Wash your make up brushes
  • Get a haircut
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Call up an old friend
  • Update your resume
  • Write your own play script
  • Find 10 pieces of clothing to give away
  • Practise your outdoor photography
  • Do a braid 
  • Volunteer at charity
  • Scribble your coloring book
  • Go hiking
  • Catch up on celebrity news
  • Plant a garden
  • Make a new friends
  • Organize photos on your phone
  • People-watch in a park
  • Go for a 20 minutes walk 
  • Go bowling
  • Sing at the karaoke place
  • Take a new Facebook profile picture
  • Review book on Goodreads
  • Adopt a pet
  • Practise speed reading
  • Plan a vacation
  • Babysit for cash
  • Organize a picnic
  • Write a poem
  • Sketch a potrait
  • Play hide and seek
  • Laugh or smile
  • Buy yourself something
  • Paint your walls
  • Learn a new language
  • Practise a makeup tutorial
  • Pick fruits
  • Take yourself out to dinner
  • Practise meditation
  • Exercise
  • Try a new drink at cafe
  • Map out your family tree
  • Start a srcapbook
  • Compliment a few strangers
  • Smile whenever you pass by strangers
  • Breath in breath out with a smile happy face
  • Read Al-Quran
  • Make one day as your not-looking-at-phone-day
  • Take a road trip

And there are what you can do during your bored time but please and please and please..

Don't sleep or laying on your bed all day.
Don't eat too much even if it makes you happy. 

So there are the two things that you cannot do when you are bored.. Come on, get creative and help your body to be healthy. And enjoy your body movement when you are doing something.  I hope this tips may help you about what to do and what not to do when you are bored...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

50 Things To Do and Two Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Bored

Top view desk work laptop and coffee cup notepad in home office. Free Photo

Hai assalamualaikum everybody! MasyaAllah, it has been soooo long since I didn't update my entries. I am truly apologize for not posting any entries because, I have been so sibuk not tooo sibuk but I couldn't find the right and perfect time to update my blog...

There are lots of draft posts that I have saved a long time ago. But I couldn't published it due to:
  • internal hard disk laptop rosak
  • internet slow gile namatey sebab dia update apentah for like 2 months!!!
  • settle everything down kat U sebab dah habis belajar
  • dapat wahyu akal untuk belajar "FnD" (let it remain secret) kat Giatmara puleks (I got no rest okay!)
  • buat 3rd job as an assistant for K
  • I sucks at managing my time
  • tak jadi nak publish post sebab dah tak ingat dalam post tu nak sembang pasal apa
  • dan the major reason is have no mood to write down. (like balik, penat, mandi solat makan tidoq tak sdaq pa!)
Yessss...... Finally I felt so relieved dapat luahkan pasaipeeeee tak boleh nak update blog.And one more thing that made me so lega was I made a second blog!!!!!!
Just for my bloglists...

I know, cool, right? :P. I got this tips from my blogger family which is Blogger Utara.. To put bloglists in another blog. SO that tak serabut. And yes... Tak serabut... Whenever I want to stalk people, I will just straight away go to my second blog and scroll my bloglists and then... Walahhhhh. 

So guys, feel free to visit my second blog if in case you have no idea who you want to stalk, nak tengok blog orang, searching for new ideas etc. 

I hope you may find new blogging friends when you click their names on my second blog and perhaps ideas to post new entry,,,,, get inspire your desire living la vida on how they designed their blog and stuffs..

Because those are all the blogs that Blog Eyja Suka.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Second Blog for Bloglists...

When looking for a change in scenery, and perhaps a new place to anchor your family, your first thought probably wouldn’t be to buy land. Simply put, land is difficult. It’s unmanageable in the wrong hands. Raw land is, in the very least, a challenge, and at the worst, a completely unusable investment and financial black hole.

Yet despite all these considerations, there are still arguments to be made for land as a good investment for people seeking to not just get a home, but build their own. Mostly because when you buy land, it doesn’t have to be raw land. And even as a foreigner, you might not have as much trouble getting land as you would think, according to ExpatriateAdvisory.com.

Houses, condominiums, and townhouses are some of the most common first-time homebuyer decisions. And according to Global Property Guide, they’re a good investment today as the market slows. Not many nowadays have the time or capital to invest in land and develop their own home, and few would buy an apartment building to turn into their own home, with renting perks. When it’s just you and your family, the decision usually lies between a condominium in the city, a house in the suburbs, or a townhouse in another residential district. However, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to these choices – especially when you have your own vision for what your home should look like.

Financing Land is Much of the Same
If you’ve ever jumped through the hoops to finance a home, then you’ll be pleased to know that financing land is much the same shtick. Contact your bank or lender and discuss land-financing options with them before even deciding what kind of land to look for. 

Getting pre-approved for a land loan is exactly as necessary as is getting pre-approved for absolutely any kind of significant loan purchase – it helps you set a concrete and distinct budget, one you can absolutely afford and one by which you can set your expectations. 

While buying a house is all about getting an emotional connection to the very walls and floors of the home, and seeing yourself cooking on the granite countertop or enjoying a book by the window, buying land is a much more tactical decision. Sure, you can fall in love with the location and the landscape – but the actual soil and ground itself is a matter of pure logistics. And that’s where an expert’s opinion has to come in. 

Know What to Look For
Land is versatile. Land can be swampy, or arid, with acidic soil or neutral ground, heavy foliage or sparse greenery. However, just like residential properties, every single parcel of land near or around a city or town has probably already been classified and purposed as commercial, residential, agricultural or industrial. 

You’re looking for residential land. One way to get a good idea of what land is available in the area is through the Internet. As the Internet continues to grow throughout Asia at a rapid rate, especially here in Malaysia, it’s important to keep in mind its potential in helping you find the right deal. An online real estate directory like Property Guru is all you need to find the right piece of land for sale in Malaysia.
However, you definitely shouldn’t jump on an offer based on a dozen pictures and some ownership history. There’s more to land than that. Since you’re primarily looking for a property you can use to build on, you’ll want to know several other things, namely:

  • What kind of utilities are present on the land?
The most expensive cost for what it gets you when it comes to buying land is land development. Undeveloped land is difficult to finance – especially for a family – because as the name implies, it requires actual development before it can be worked on.

That includes potentially implementing tile drainages to ensure that insufficient natural soil percolation due to a lack of foliage won’t lead to flooding or erosion during wet seasons, digging trenches and laying piping down for access to the community water tank, or alternatively tapping into an underground reservoir, and not least of all, getting permission from the city to tap into its grid. 

When you’re buying land to build on, make sure all the utilities you need are already present, unless you’re ready to tackle implementing them yourself. 

  • What kind of zoning restrictions apply to the land?
In some cases, a city or region’s local government will have a specific set of zoning restrictions in place for a piece of land, either due to conservation or historical reasons. There might also be a moratorium on the property, which means that while it can be sold, it cannot be built or developed on for a given period of time – decades, in some cases. 

Be sure to know what you can and cannot do with the land before you make your purchase. Once you’re sure your newly found deal is what you’re looking for – clean, developed land – you’re on to your next step in the journey to a new home!

Friday, July 28, 2017

RV: Choosing Land to Build A Home On

Assalamualaikum.. G'day mate! How are you? Hahahahaha I write in Brits accent pulak. Acah-acah je tau!

So roughly, this book had been published in 2016. But cambiasalah, Melayu malas membaca macam aku ni baru ada keinginan nak baca pada tahun 2017. But nevermind, better late than never! :P

It was about somebody's life, I mean, about his journey to further his study and to be an artist. (I believed that you guys have read this before)

But this book is truly amazeball! No, the writing is amazing. Like seriously. I cried over this book! Sumpah demi Allah, aku menangis terox masa baca ni. I started read this book around 6pm this evening, and I finished it dalam pukul 8 lebih camtu. (2 hours reading this book while crying, so tekalah sembab mata aku macam mana woi!)

But it was totally worth it. 

The moral values that I got from this book are:
1. Always ask for your parents' blessings. (Redha Allah terletak pada redha ibu bapa)
2. Never bazirkan bakat yang Allah beri.
3. Setiap kesusahan akan disertai dengan kemudahan. (percaya pada Allah)
4. Popular di dunia biar sampai popular di Akhirat.
5. Jangan salah gunakan nikmat yang Allah beri.
6. Jangan malas dalam mencuba dan jangan malas on everything.
7. Learn to be grateful. (bila he said that soooo nikmat bila makan nasi putih yang dicatu dengan telur dan garam sebagai perasa make me..... Ya Allah selama ni aku selalu membazir....)
8. Learn to share. Tak semua benda yang kau ada dalam dunia tu memang sebenarnya hak kau. (I cried when he wrote that he wanted to eat chicken so bad but end up he gave it to a homeless)
9. Put your hope only on Allah. Kerana Dialah satu-satunya, satu-satunya tempat kau bergantung.
10. Find out more by reading this book!

#PelukisJalanan is totally 10/10

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Book Review: Pelukis Jalanan

Assalamualaikum. Yeyllo guys! Okay tak nak cakap banyak, I buat segmen untuk carik blogger yang nak blognya diletakkan di dalam bloglist baru sis. Huhu. Senang je:,

1. Follow blog http://www.blogeyja.com/
3. Buat tajuk: Segmen: Blog Eyja Dot Com Carik Bloglist
4. Copy gambaq kat ataih, paste dalam entry anda. Publish.
5. Backlink entry hampa kat komen bawah ni.

Dah, settle. Segmen berlangsung selama sebulan (13/5/2017 - 12/6/2017). Kalau lebih 50 penyertaan, ceq carik pemenang by random.org kasi hampa duit raya :P Pakat habaq kat kawan biaqpi depa join sama!

  1. http://jombercontest.blogspot.my/2017/05/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
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  26. https://inibelogantynid.blogspot.my/2017/05/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  27. http://makbapakkauhijau.blogspot.my/2017/05/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  28. http://memoonnote.blogspot.my/2017/05/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  29. https://aninashyqinlife.blogspot.my/2017/05/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  30. http://www.sayidahnapisah.com/2017/06/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  31. http://akukaudansesuatu.blogspot.my/2017/06/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  32. http://elsaalicious.blogspot.my/2017/06/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  33. http://amira14197.blogspot.my/2017/06/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html
  34. https://ombakbergigis.blogspot.my/2017/06/segmen-blog-eyja-dot-com-carik-bloglist.html

Monday, June 12, 2017

Segmen: Blog Eyja Dot Com Carik Bloglist TAMAT

Two Brown Pencils on White Surface
Hi, so tonight I am going to kongsi with hampa suma (mentang-mentang Kedah menang Piala FA teruih keluaq loghat!) on how to read blogs that you have followed without using bloglist - sebab kadang ada yang tak letak bloglist feature kan? So this tutorial might helps you and I hope others too! :)

1. Copy link ni
2. Paste kat new tab. Then walah! Have fun reading and don't forget to comment at the post to :)

*BLOGIDHAMPA - Sila tukaq kepada ID blog masing-masing nah!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tutorial: How To Read Blog You Followed Without Bloglist

cat, kitten, lying
Assalamualaikum hi peeps. Whatchu doing? Have youjoin my segmen? Click here if you wanna join Segmen: Blog Eyja Dot Com Carik Bloglist. It's a very simple rule yet it's gonna be fun! 

Btw, I am super busy during this upcoming Ramadhan, like freaking busy! I can't even scroll my twitter more than 15 minutes. Soooo not a social person anymore. Like sedih jugak kadang, I'm like not having my normal life (normal ke?) by scrolling phone, sleep, blog, watching a TV (like seriously Jaa, that's not normal!)

I am going to make a post about those who willing to answered my Blue Sky Tag post (thank you for answering my 11 questions, loveeeeeee <3)

And I am going to pick 5 blogs from bloggers who joined my Segmen: Blog Eyja Dot Com Carik Bloglist and I am going to make a review about their blog and I am going to pick some winners to win ringgit prices!!!!! OMG Gilekau tak nak join? So let's join!

And many other posts that I am going to proofread and publish soon! (it has been on my draft for a veeeeery long time!)

And and and I am trully sorry for cannot make any effort to join any segmen or giveaway that has been invited by other bloggers. Itu adalah kerana kesibukan saya yang melampau takut tak terterjah blog-blog yang join. That's why I am doing my own segmen so that I can stalk you guys whenever I want. Hihihi. (kalau ada masa, insyaAllah eyja akan join untuk support kome :*)

Tapi tulah, masalah sikit, tempat eyja takde strong lne untuk Yes eyja untuk beroperasi yang membolehkan eyja main blog pesemua, twitter pun tak jalan tau kat tempat eyja!!! :'( I really want to to blogging and blogging but with no Internet, what can I do?

Monday, May 15, 2017

With No Internet, What Can I Do?

Nowadays, there is a lot of people who succeed. Not only in terms of career but also in marriage, happiness and lot of things. However, people who fail either they realize or not, still exist. So, I have listed types of people who fail, maybe in their studies or career or anything else. But still, fail. Below are the characteristics of people who fail. Do check out if you have one of these charaters :P

People who fail will always give up. No matter what they try to do, they always give up in the middle of their journeys. 

Listen to others. People who fail tend to listen to what others said. They always think pf what people said or even think about them. 

People who vividly fail when they follow other people rules to be use on their daily lives! Which is so pathetic because they cannot think or decide for their ownself.

Delaying time is one of the characteristics of people who fail. It is because they love delay to do stuffs that needs to be done. 

People who we can see they failed is people who quick to satisfied on what they have doing. They'll be, "its okay, takde rezeki." bleh bleh bleh..

Lazy people is the people who tend to fail in everything they do. Because lazy is one of the worst disease. 

A lot of excuses that these people make is also the characteritics of people who fail.

They like themselves. They think that they are alway right. And every mistakes is because of someone's fault, not them. 

Nobody likes a failure. Because if the  failure is the good character, other people will accept that behaviour.

People who fail tend to not trust their ownself. How can other people trust them when they cannot even trust themselves?

Have no guts is the people who tend to fail. They too scared to do anything because they afraid of being judged.

Do not want to try to explore new things. They have been scared to try something else without realize it will make their development stucks.

All things are so hard for them. They tend to always compalin that this one is hard, that one is hard too. Because they do not want to give chance for themselves to change.

So, these are the characterisitics of people who fail. Do you guys think is there any characteristics that alo can be concluded into this? Let me know :)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Failure People Look Like

So, I have been tagged by Airah Syahirah to answer the questions given. Sorry Airah, lama sangat dalam draft... Ni baru dapat publish selepas proofread. So here we go to the 11 answers that I answered according to Airah's questions! :)

Terangkan serba sedikit tentang diri awak.
Eyja Masliza bukan nama sebenar. Panggil eyja untuk lebih mesra dan rapat. Berumur 23 tahun. Start blogging sebab at first nampak blog kawan, pastu terus buat. So dari situlah belajar dan sampai sekarang ni pun masih belajar pasal dunia blogging. Pilih blog sebagai medium untuk eyja expose kan diri adalah kerana bloglah pada eyja satu-satunya tempat yang kita boleh tulis sesuatu atau warkahkahkan atau beri pandangan kita terhadap sesuatu dengan cara kita sendiri. Sebab masa kita menulis ni ni masa kita betul-betul menulis, sebab blogging kena ada masa sendiri kan, barulah akan terhasil sesebuah entri? So.... :)
Makanan yang paling sedap pernah awak makan. Masakan ibu tak dikira eh tu memang confirm sedap.
Banyak. Sebab eyja suka makan. Tapi mungkin paling sedap Nasi Ayam kat Seksyen 6, Shah Alam. LOL
Hadiah yang paling awak impikan untuk dapat.
Eyja paling nak.... Rawatan untuk mata eyja pulih seperti manusia normal yang takde rabun silau ke jauh ke dekat ke. Sebab like freaking susah dan sometimes it becomes annoying bila kita ada rabun. Tak nampak pa kalau takdak spect, tak ke haru???
Peristiwa yang tak dapat dilupakan seumur hidup.
Hmm. Susah soalan ni. Sebab dalam hidup ni, banyak yang kita tak nak ia jadi, tapi tetap terjadi. Dan bila kita mengharapkan sesuatu untuk ia terjadi, tapi ia tak jadi. Hahaha. Tapi paling tak boleh lupa ya? Hmmm... Bila hadirnya Harry dalam hidup kami bertiga (eyja, Emak dan Abah). Harry ubah kami semua. Jadi lebih rapat dan entahlah. Agaknya rezeki bela binatang ni, ada je rezeki yang sampai. Walau tak dinafikan ada ujian yang Allah beri, tapi tetap rezeki tu tak putus. :)
Barang yang awak suka kumpul.
KAHKAHKAHKAH! Notebooks! Eyja ada berpuluh buku nota yang tak pernah pakai sampai habis pun! Buat jadi planner lah apalah. Tapi end up tetap tak teratur hidup aku! Hahahahahaha. Like seriously, I am a notebook collector. Might be boleh tulis entry pasal notebooks ni one fine day. LOL
5 jenis barang yang wajib bawa sebelum keluar.
Bag (including purse), handphone, sunglasses, watch and keys. 
Kenapa awak menceburi dunia blogging ni?
Jawapan ada kat soalan pertama :)
Kenangan waktu kecil yang tak pernah lupa sampai sekarang.
Main kereta-kereta guna ubat nyamuk punya Macam ni hah. Siap tulis kereta CRV tau bawah dia! LOL

5 rutin wajib yang awak akan buat setiap hari.
Mandi, solat, makan, scroll handphone dan bercakap/bersembang serta planning in my planner book.
Tempat yang paling seronok awak pernah pergi. kenapa?
I would say masa ada event kat Bukit Cherakah. When I took a bicycle with Man and we took gambar, and I learned on how to take a very nice and good picture in a correct way. Siap menang gambar cantik tau! Huhuhu :)
Kenapa awak singgah blog saya?
Because you tagged me and I fell in love with your blog since then :)

Okay done! I hope my answers will warm your heart <3 So what about you guys? You may share your answer below :D

Sunshine Blogger Award Tagged By

These two weeks has been one of my busy essssssss weeks of my life! A lot of things happened. It has ups and downs and it is so tiring! Trust me, it's hard to be an adult. 

So anyway, I still ada jenguk my blog (to see if there is someone rindu me LOL) And I am truly sorry cannot make an effort to visit your blog. Ada certain blog I sempat jenguk, and today, I make my time to be free so that I can write something in this blog. 

And thank you darling Sofie Adie for tagged me in this Blue Sky Tag. You've give me some ideas to write. Muahahaha (feel free to check her entry here

So let's go! Oh btw, the picture above was edited by me and feel free if you want to use it for your entry. Thank you pexel.com for giving me to use the photos on your website! :*

The rules:
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Answer their 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

So here we go! :-}

Q: Where you will spend your first-day hari raya aidil fitri this year?
A: I don't even think about it yet but I might spend my first raya day at my kampung which is at Sungai Besar, Selangor.

Q: The best hari raya in your life is when....
A: The best raya in my life was when... I still have Tokwan and we still have the rumah kayu which was soooo coool sebab feel balik kampung dia lain macam. How I wish that Tokwan Ubin still alive. Al-Fatihah.

Q: Do you already buy a baju raya? What color?
A: Nope. I don't buy any baju yet because my mother usually will sew the baju for me but she did that 6 months before puasa, sebab Emak eyja tukang jahit, so dia takleh nak jahit baju eyja sebelum raya, nanti tak sempat nak siapkan baju orang yang tempah kat Emak :P

Q: Last thing you do before you open the blog?
A: It's a tricky question because I normally will blog without thinking what I did before that. But I would say that I open my awaiting comments??? :)

Q: Tell me your meal today
A: Nasi, kuah masak lemak, sardin and ayam!

Q: Last time you take a selfie
A: Oh my God! I cannot remember.. But wait, maybe a week ago... :P

Q: True or false our ringtone reflect the personality?
A: I will say no.

Q: Percentage of your achievement for this year?
A: 20% I guess? :D

Q: Open Instagram, whose picture on your first insta feed?
A: @aisyatyra

Q: The last song on your phone....
A: I don't understand this question. Is it the last song that I played? Or the last song that I downloaded? Or the last song in my lists? :) But the possible answer is Syamel - Anugerah MeleTOP Era was the last song I played. Jason Derulo - Get Ugly was the last song I downloaded and Kekal - Ziana Zain was the last song that is in my lists :)

Q: Heads up, what did you see?
A: Ceiling :P

And I would love to ask these 11 questions to these 11 bloggers :)

The questions are:-
  1. Tell me about yourself in 50 words.
  2. Open my About page. Is there anything that you want to comment?
  3. What lipstick that you use daily?
  4. Would you love to have bridesmaid during your wedding day or not? Why?
  5. What colour might you wanna wear on your wedding ceremony?
  6. Your favorite color is/are..
  7. When is your birthday?
  8. Close your eyes... What do you think of?
  9. Any achievement for this year so far? And what is that?
  10. Why you choose to be a blogger?
  11. Be honest... Do you like my blog? Why?

Let me know when you publish your entry, I want to read the answers :)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Blue Sky Tag: The Honesty of Me

Straight cakap, sebelum aku tampar muka kau, baik kau berhenti. Jangan ingat aku tahu IP address kau je, aku tak tahu yang lain. Jangan ingat aku takleh carik kau. So better stop. Tak payah nak spam-spam cbox aku. Sebelum aku tampar muka kau, baik kau berhenti. 

Khas untuk kau. Sekali lagi kau spam, aku reveal sape kau. 

Sebelum Aku Tampar Muka Kau, Baik Kau Berhenti.

Dah lama dah I watched this movie. Tapi cam biasalah, tersimpan dalam draft berkurun lamanya. So today, I want to give some review about Kong: Skull Island. 

This movie is about saintis, askar pastu pengembara who were unite to go to this one island yang takde lagi dalam peta dunia. So dorang macam nak discover lah, tempat tu macam mana and all that. So they went there. And they have found that bawah tanah tu macam berombak something like that. And then they found the king of the island: Kong. Kong ni sebenarnya penjaga island tu. Tapi Kong jadi pembunuh manusia disebabkan oleh soldiers lepaskan bom.. Kononnya untuk mengetahui bentuk muka bumi kat situlah. Tu yang Kong marah. So Kong attacked depa. Then they battle between Kong and soldiers. So ramailah askar yang terbunuh, benganglah kolonel Packard tu. Tu yang dia tak peduli dah apa saintis dan pengemabar cakap yang Kong tu sebenarnya penjaga pulau. Dah anak buah dia mati kan, dia naklah tuntut bela. Yang Kong pulak marah depa sebab yelah, masuk tempat orang kau buat perangai pulak. Dah pulak tu, depa letupkan bom tu menyebabkan bangun musuh Kong dari bawah tanah. Musuh Kong tu macam cicak gergasi. Cicak ni jahat gile. Dia bunuh mak bapak Kong and semua hidupan yang ada depan mata dia. So gitulah...

IMDb: 7/10
Blog Eyja: 9/10

1. Monghormati tuan rumah amatlah wajib - Masuk pulau orang kau lepas bom tak konghajo!
2. Selidik sebelum bertindak - Kita kalau nak orang suka kita, kita kena suka orang dulu. Macam mana Kong tu nak hormat manusia kalau masuk-masuk je si Packard dah suruh anak buah dia bom tempat tu. Tak tanya pun bahaya ke bom.. Boleh ke nak bom sebab nak check bentuk muka bumi kat sini. Pentah!
3. Jangan biar marah menguasai diri - Kita kalau time marah, fikiran kita jadi tak rational tau. So better sit down, calm down dulu, take a deep breath dulu. Then barulah berfikir. Sebab bila kita marah, keputusan yang kita akhirnya nanti akan makan diri. 

Sekian itu sahaja berita daripada saya. Semoga kita berjumpa di lain entri :D Nah, link kalau nak download cerita ni atau pun tengok online: http://pencurimovie.ph/kong-skull-island-2017-hc-hdrip-720p-1080p/

Monday, April 24, 2017

Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

Do you sometimes feel macam "want to speak in English but so shy.." And you are afraid that your friends might laugh at you as well? Me too. I always afraid that I use a wrong grammar when I talk to somebody that I know he/she is better in English. But, the good of being me, I always, "whatever, I'm gonna hentam je." So I speak. Alhamdulillah, my English is getting better day-by-day. And people able to understand what I want to say. So, how I become confident, or become "bedal je"? Here is what I want to share to you all.

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Like seriously, guys. As long as you are scared to speak in English publicly, then selagi tulah you have no guts to speak. Just say it. Eventhough after you speak, there's someone who betulkan ayat you, it's fine. That's a learning process. When someone correct you, then you know what is the correct sentence and you will not repeat the same mistake.

  • Practise makes perfect. Practise, anywhere you can and when you can. It doesn't matter with whom you practise, but it gives benefit to both parties. He/she helps you and you also help him/her. Because when you practise, you will tend to respond to each other. So, it will create a story and you automatically speak and may learn new words and sentence. 

  • Use simple phrases. Try to communicate with others in using simple words. As long as they understand what you are trying to say, then you are okay! And a simple phrases might lead to correct sentence. 

  • Respond to what people say to you. In English tau. Kalau deme kabo omputeh awok kabo balik Melayu idokler jadinye. When you try to respond to them, try to look at their body language. And that is the clue of what are they talking about.  

  • Don't speak too fast. It is important for you to breath when you speak in English. Because people might not understand what you are trying to said if you talk too fast. Breath. And use the natural rhythm to speak confidently. Your sentence wouldn't go anywhere. :D

So, those are what I use in order to get my English better. And one major important tips is, I read English entries and I read it loud. When I am at my room for example, I tend to baca kuat-kuat. Not that kuat, but in a speaking way and it works. I tend to lagi faham apa entry tu cakap and I tend to tak tergeliat lidah untuk speak in the future. And these are the blogs that I always stalked them to learn English. Because that is also one of a learning process. :)


Ways To Speak English Confidently

Assalamualaikum.. Hi guys!

OMG! Bulan Ramadhan hampir tiba! Tazabarnyew nak puasa, nak solat, nak makan, nak makan, nak makan. Eh, (sila perbetulkan niat anda, Masliza) :P Well, aku bukan nak cerita pasal bulan puasa nanti. Tapi aku nak cerita kat korang pasal how to have fun at Sunway Lagoon. Weee!!!

Dah nak dekat bulan puasa ni kan? Mesti ramai yang dok memikio kat mana nak habiskan masa berkualiti bersama keluarga sementara boleh makan in public waktu siang ni? Nak, nak pulak family yang jarang-jarang bersama kerana kesibukan bekerja dan anak pun bersekolah semua. Pastu nanti kalau dah nak bercuti bersama keluarga, nak kena jugak pikir kat mana nak berehat? Ada ke hotel yang dekat dengan shopping mall, yang boleh anak-anak pun berseronok sekali. Apa pulak aktiviti yang parents can do, the children can do too, kan? Tu belum lagi kira budget lagi tu. Fuh, nak bercuti je pun. Tapi jenuh nak kena pikir itu ini. 

Well parents, say no more to dizziness! Di Sunway Lagoon, semua ada! Like seriously, aku sangat-sangat merecommendkan Sunway Lagoon as the place that you should book in order to relax and release your stress and have fun! Guys, kita sedia maklum bahawa di Semenanjung Malaysia terdapat beberapa buat taman tema air, tapi one thing yang korang tak tahu pasal Sunway Lagoon ialah Sunway Lagoon diiktirafkan sebagai taman tema yang terbaik di Malaysia. 

Sunway Group, which is the sebuah nama yang besar dalam industri pembangunan yang mengoperasikan Sunway Lagoon ni. Kenapa aku sangat-sangat mengesyorkan korang untuk ke Sunway Lagoon? Adalah kerana di Sunway Lagoon bukan sahaja ada taman tema air yang memang daboom, malahan ada jugak hotel, dan dan dan... ada shopping mall! Lengkap semua keperluan yang kita perlukan. Dengan keluasan 88 ekar, Sunway Lagoon mempunyai enam tema tarikan dunia! Enam weh! Bukan sikit tau! Kat bawah merupakan taman-taman tema yang terdapat di Sunway Lagoon:-

1. Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

2. Water Park

3. Amusement Park

4. Wildlife Park

5. Scream Park

6. Extreme Park

Yang paling menjadi tumpuan adalah Water Park. Amacam??? Banyak kan? Takkan habis satu hari punyalah gais! Eh, ada lagi. Terdapat jugak permainan air yang terkenal seperti Monsoon 360, Vuvuzuela, Congo Challenge, Surf Beach, Waterplexx, Flowrider dan banyak lagilah! Kalau senarai satu-satu memang berjela nanti kang! Korang kena pergi sendiri ke Sunway Lagoon dan rasai sendiri. Selain tu, terdapat juga beberapa shows yang akan dimainkan pada certain-certain waktu untuk, of course to cheers you guys up such as Call for Celebration, Spongebob & Patrick Meat And Greet dan Mali Cove Dance Show serta lain-lain lagi.

Kalau dah aku kabo tak cukup satu hari nak have fun kat Sunway Lagoon ni, of course lah ada kena hotel untuk korang rehat. Nanti tak puas, kalau tak habiskan semua parks yang ada! So, don't worry! Aku akan listkan untuk korang, hotel-hotel yang berdekatan dengan Sunway Lagoon ni. Senang korang boleh pilih, mana-mana hotel yang korang berkenan. And here is one thing that very vital, kalau korang book bersama Traveloka, akan ada lagi berganda untung! Sebab dapat promotion untuk bermalam di hotel yang korang book. Nak promotion, ingat Traveloka! :) So, here is a list of hotels in Sunway Lagoon yang korang boleh survey before book.

1. Sunway Resort & Spa
Sunway Resort & Spa Hotel terletak betul-betul bersebelahan dengan Sunway Lagoon. Kalau korang datang je ke Sunway Lagoon, korang akan nampak pintu gerbangnya yang mewah dan sungguh mengalu-alukan kedatangan korang. Hotel ini menyediakan tiga jenis bilik dan suites untuk korang pilih iaitu Premier Rooms, The Club & Suites dan The Villas. Untuk setiap jenis bilik dan suites ini pulak terdapat lagi pilihan-pilihannya. Sebagai contoh, Premier Rooms menyediakan dua jenis pilihan iaitu Premier Room dan Premier Park Room, Manakala bagi The Club menyediakan lima jenis pilihan iaitu Club Room, Junior Suites, Executive Suites, Premier Suites dan Presidential Suites. Bagi The Villas pulak, terdapat tiga jenis pilihan iaitu The Villa, Premier Villa, dan Deluxe Villa. Berdasarkan review para tetamu yang berpengalaman meginap di sini, kebanyakan daripada mereka menyatakan bahawa saiz bilik yang disediakan cukup besar dan selesa.

2. Sunway Pyramid Hotel
Sunway Pyramid Hotel yang telah diubahsuai semula yang dahulunya dikenali sebagai Sunway Pyramid Hotel East terletak berdekatan dengan Sunway Resort & Spa dan turut dimiliki oleh syarikat gergasi yang sama, Sunway Pyramid Hotel mempunyai jumlah keseluruhan sebanyak 564 buah bilik dan suite. Sunway Pyramid Hotel menyediakan lima jenis pilihan untuk dipilih iaitu Deluxe room, Deluxe Park View Room, Deluxe Executive Room, Family Room dan Family Suite. Kadar harga bilik di hotel ini bermula dari RM400. 

3. Sunway Clio Hotel
Sunway Clio Hotel ni sebenarnya kembar kepada Sunway Pyramid Hotel tau. Kalau Sunway Pyramid Hotel tu nama dahlunya Sunway Pyramid Hotel East nya, hah ni kembar dia belah barat pulak. Sunway Pyramid Hotel West. Tapi tu dulu lah :D Sunway Clio Hotel ni mempunyai jumlah bilik keseluruhan sebanyak 401 buah. Sunway Clio Hotel menawarkan empat jenis pilihan kepada tetamu untuk dipilih. Pilihan-pilihannya ialah Superior Room, Superior Park View Room, Superior Executive Room dan Superior Executive Park View Room. Kadar hotel empat bintang ini bermula dari RM400. Yang bestnya, hotel ni bercantum terus dengan bahagian Barat Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall!

Apa lagi? Jomlah serbu Traveloka dan book di Traveloka pada percutian kali ni untuk dapatkan promosi yang takkan dapat di mana-mana. Dan aku; BLOG EYJA mengucapkan selamat bercuti dan have fun guys!!! :D

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jom Bercuti ke Sunway Lagoon!

Assalamualaikum.. Hi guys!

OMG! We're soooooo excited to annouce the winners for our giveaway! Thanks to random.org, we were able to select our winners. Subhanallah... Wait! We would love to thank you all for your willingness to join our tiny tiny tiny giveaway. It was so fun and so lifted up when we saw there were many awaiting moderation comments. Alhamdulillah.... Thank you guys! Thank you so much! And congratulations to those who won. We do hope yang persahabatan dunia maya kita ni takkan terhenti di sini. And to you too guys, who do not win -NEVER GIVE UP. Sentiasa positif dan jangan berhenti daripada dunia blogging. There is sooooo much to explore in this blogging world! Trust me :)

Oh.. Btw.. From first until fifth winner will collect the gift from Blog Eyja. And the sixth until tenth will collect from Lyana Ishak. Clear, guys? SO...
Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!
And the winners!!!
Are.. :-
http://mawarberduri-piqa.blogspot.my/2017/03/giveaway-by-lyana-ishak-eyja-masliza.html DONE!

http://fws00blog.blogspot.my/2017/04/giveaway-by-lyana-ishak-eyja-masliza.html DONE!

https://ladyinredplanner.blogspot.my/2017/03/giveaway-by-lyana-ishak-eyja-masliza.html DONE!

http://msvelentine.blogspot.com/2017/03/giveaway-by-lyana-ishak-eyja-masliza.html DONE!

http://www.pokucu.com/2017/04/giveaway-by-lyana-ishak-eyja-masliza.html DONE!

17, 26, 8, 13, and 31 please contact Blog Eyja through whatsapp 011 3260 29 00 (EYJA)




http://www.kasihjuju.com/2017/03/giveaway-by-lyana-ishak-eyja-masliza.html DONE!


11, 5, 12, 21, and 2 please contact Lyana Ishak through whatsapp 016 488 4225 (YANA)
And. Blog Eyja dapat rezeki lebih and Blog Eyja wanted to tambah seorang lagi pemenang yang akan menerima hadiah daripada Blog Eyja. Pemilihan pemenang bertuah ni pun menggunakan random.org and the lucky person is...

So, 29 please contact Blog Eyja through whatsapp 011 3260 2900 (EYJA)

Congratulations guys! :*

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pemenang-pemenang Giveaway by Lyana Ishak & Eyja Masliza


Thanks tagged eyja, Cik La. Ahaks xD Semoga CikLa sukses dalam GA ni, eheks xD

Jap, nak tag rakan blogger yang lain..

Alright, fuh.. Bismillah.. Ada 3 cerita yang eyja ingat. Siap call Mak iols tau, tanya kesahihan cerita. hahahahahahahah. Cerita ni semua berlaku masa eyja umoq 6-7-8-9 tahun rasanya.

Cerita pertama:
 Masa dah nak dekat raya, kan dah ada jual kuih raya semua kan? So eyja pulak suka makan almond london, Sebab mungkin coklat pastu ada kacang tu kan sedap.. So setiap hari mesti akan hilang 3-4 bijik. Tak dan raya hang! Habih kupulun sorang jah! Tapi ambiknya senyap-senyap je konon tak nak kantoi dengan Mak Abah. Padahal Mak Abah boleh je syak sebab kuihnya dah takde. Tonyong gile kalau ingat. Selalu first day raya mesti takkan ada almond london, sebab dah habis.. Time tu Abah tanyalah mana almond london, Mak jawab dah jadi taik adik dah. Hahahahahahahahah sorry Abah tak dan nak bagi Abah rasa. Sebab Abah pun suka almond london tu tapi takkan dia nak makan masa bulan puasa malam kan dah makan nasik pastu terawih pesemua. Sampai waktu sepatutnya makan kuih raya, kuih habis hahahahahahah. Abah tetap beli jugak walau dia tahu anak dia makan senyap-senyap, sebab kasih seorang ayah nak anaknya kenyang dan selera makan. Sayang Abah! <3

Cerita kedua:
 Time ni tadika dengan darjah satu kot? Balik je sekolah, minum air. Tak makan tau! Minum je. Pastu Mak marahlah, kan? Yelah, paginya puasa, balik minum. Tau eyja jawab apa? "Takpe, minum bolehlah Mak. Makan yang tak boleh, Adik puasa lah balik. Bukan makan pun." 

Cerita ketiga:
 Time solat terawih, eyja bukannya solat. Tapi duduk kat belakang jemaah lain, bersandar. Tunggu makanan. Kan moreh deme bagi semua sedap-sedap. Fuh balik kenyang bhai!

So, tulah cerita-cerita nostalgia puasa zaman kanak-kanak eyja. Heheheh Seronok kadang bila imbas balik kenangn dulu-dulu. Ada duka, ada suka. Adat sebuah kehidupan. Tapi jaranglah kita masa kanak-kanak menghadapi masalah macam bila kita dewasa ni. Sebab kanak-kanak ni kan anak Syurga. Bahagia sentiasa. Sampai ramai up status nak kembali ke zaman kecik-kecik. Sebab riang je tanpa masalah. Huhuhu. Pendapat masing-masing. :)

Zaman anda pulak macam mana? Ceritalah :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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