Monday, September 11, 2017

What A Hectic Me 

Hi guys! This is going to be my first entry since the last entry I posted was about a month ago??? (sorry!!!) Well. For the past... I don't know, two to three weeks ago or even worst, two to three months ago was a very-very not me. Me was not being me. Y'all know what am I saying, right?? Blurrffff...

I've been searching for myself like crazy... I don't know what I want.. I don't know what I need... I don't even know apa yang aku nak mintak kat Tuhan... I lost, dude. I do. 

It was so freakin hard weh to get up and move on and do what I need have to do. It's already September 2017 but still, I didn't archieved what I supposed to archieve. Well, yeah. I have done my degree life and felt relived bila settle semua on degree life #roadtoconvo (tapi taknak update kat socmed sebab ada kawan aku yang tak dapat nak merasa U life and felt kesian dengan dorang kalau dorang nampak gambar aku sana sini lama-lama jadi menyampah pulak) (later I post entry bout this stuff)

But still, I have nothing.. I mean I felt like I did nothing. Yet.. 

I didn't get any offer for a job. And even if I do, I still couldn't go to. Sebab my job opportunities mostly banyak dan cerah kat KL dan Shah Alam, which was, yeah. My mom didn't allowed me to go far from her. So yeah, I packed my stuffs at Shah Alam and I returned.. Home...

You know, eventhough at that time, I felt macam bodoh gile left all of my living life there, but still. I was okay and I was doing fine. (I guess because of mom's blessings?? who knows right?) She claimed that I didn't belong there sebab tiap minggu dan pantang cuti je aku mesti balik. So yeap. It might be one of the reason, kan???

Mom asks me to follow the tradition which is menjahit. Yeap. She even asked me to sign up for a sewing lesson. So yeah, I guess it leads to #1 when she ordered me to come home. You know... To help and collaborate with her. (menjahit is fun! seriously!)

Our photography business were so busy namapus like busy gila I cant even have one day rest!! Nope! Monday till Friday are my sewing lesson class, Saturday and Sunday are when I am at kenduri, and tangkap gambar people. So yeah. No rest day or even a cheat day (bukan cheat day untuk orang diet ke??) But, but, but. It was so much fun. Penat! Tipu kalau tak penat. Tapi ni kan dunia je. Nanti kat Akhirat rehatlah puas-puas. And this #3 will leads to #4 nanti.

#4 - this is the positive point :)
I've gained so many experiences! I explored so many places eventhough the places was near to my house. Seriously weh, you don't have to travel far to collect experiences and explore new things. You just have to stop and look around you. There are so many pengalaman yang you boleh kutip. Takyah nak travel jauh-jauh semata-mata nak ikut orang lain dan setakat nak upload gambar kau travelled kat socmed kau. Serious. Take a look around you. 

I am no longer a planner addict. With my very tight schedule buat aku takde masa langsung untuk tulis cantik-cantik planner aku. (so rugi sebab dengan planner sedikit sebanyak life kau akan teratur). So I tried my best untuk carik masa tulis planner aku (pray for me!)

And there is many more tapi tak nak cakap kat sini, 'cause it's quite personal. SO yeah. At the age of 21 23, I felt like I ruined my life. But it's a lesson, kan? I make mistakes, but it's okay. It is a learning process. So, what have you doing for these couple of weeks? :) Feel free to share it with in the comment down below! <3



  1. Replies
    1. auw thank you kak marsha! <3 *hug tights*

  2. I've been doing many things for the past 1 month that it seems so long till I asked myself, 'eh baru sebulan, rasa macam dah lama.'

    sewing is one of my post-grad-to-learn goal... sekali dgn memasak. :D

    1. You shoule try sewing! It is funnnnnn! <3

      I hope you will achieve what you want! <3


  3. tengah honeymoon selama 2 bulan..
    dan akhirnya nak start kerja baru dah esok..
    takut pulak aih..

    1. omg lamanya honeymoon! wel good luck nanti timm. be the best, 'cause it is who you are <3

  4. Good luck eyjaa. Dont lose hope. Hugssssssss xoxo

    1. I won't. Thank you sayang <3 xoxo :*

  5. aww, your blog is so nice :)

  6. juz do it. itu yang i learn from my own life. follow the flow, kalau nak sikit kelainan dan cabaran try other things yang kita sendiri pon xpernah terfikir nak buat (of course lah +ve things kan??)


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