Sunday, May 7, 2017

Failure People Look Like

Nowadays, there is a lot of people who succeed. Not only in terms of career but also in marriage, happiness and lot of things. However, people who fail either they realize or not, still exist. So, I have listed types of people who fail, maybe in their studies or career or anything else. But still, fail. Below are the characteristics of people who fail. Do check out if you have one of these charaters :P

People who fail will always give up. No matter what they try to do, they always give up in the middle of their journeys. 

Listen to others. People who fail tend to listen to what others said. They always think pf what people said or even think about them. 

People who vividly fail when they follow other people rules to be use on their daily lives! Which is so pathetic because they cannot think or decide for their ownself.

Delaying time is one of the characteristics of people who fail. It is because they love delay to do stuffs that needs to be done. 

People who we can see they failed is people who quick to satisfied on what they have doing. They'll be, "its okay, takde rezeki." bleh bleh bleh..

Lazy people is the people who tend to fail in everything they do. Because lazy is one of the worst disease. 

A lot of excuses that these people make is also the characteritics of people who fail.

They like themselves. They think that they are alway right. And every mistakes is because of someone's fault, not them. 

Nobody likes a failure. Because if the  failure is the good character, other people will accept that behaviour.

People who fail tend to not trust their ownself. How can other people trust them when they cannot even trust themselves?

Have no guts is the people who tend to fail. They too scared to do anything because they afraid of being judged.

Do not want to try to explore new things. They have been scared to try something else without realize it will make their development stucks.

All things are so hard for them. They tend to always compalin that this one is hard, that one is hard too. Because they do not want to give chance for themselves to change.

So, these are the characterisitics of people who fail. Do you guys think is there any characteristics that alo can be concluded into this? Let me know :)


  1. People who have low self esteem and like to doubt and blame their ownselves tend to be failures.

    1. These also can be concluded! OMG so true!


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