Monday, April 24, 2017

Ways To Speak English Confidently

Do you sometimes feel macam "want to speak in English but so shy.." And you are afraid that your friends might laugh at you as well? Me too. I always afraid that I use a wrong grammar when I talk to somebody that I know he/she is better in English. But, the good of being me, I always, "whatever, I'm gonna hentam je." So I speak. Alhamdulillah, my English is getting better day-by-day. And people able to understand what I want to say. So, how I become confident, or become "bedal je"? Here is what I want to share to you all.

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Like seriously, guys. As long as you are scared to speak in English publicly, then selagi tulah you have no guts to speak. Just say it. Eventhough after you speak, there's someone who betulkan ayat you, it's fine. That's a learning process. When someone correct you, then you know what is the correct sentence and you will not repeat the same mistake.

  • Practise makes perfect. Practise, anywhere you can and when you can. It doesn't matter with whom you practise, but it gives benefit to both parties. He/she helps you and you also help him/her. Because when you practise, you will tend to respond to each other. So, it will create a story and you automatically speak and may learn new words and sentence. 

  • Use simple phrases. Try to communicate with others in using simple words. As long as they understand what you are trying to say, then you are okay! And a simple phrases might lead to correct sentence. 

  • Respond to what people say to you. In English tau. Kalau deme kabo omputeh awok kabo balik Melayu idokler jadinye. When you try to respond to them, try to look at their body language. And that is the clue of what are they talking about.  

  • Don't speak too fast. It is important for you to breath when you speak in English. Because people might not understand what you are trying to said if you talk too fast. Breath. And use the natural rhythm to speak confidently. Your sentence wouldn't go anywhere. :D

So, those are what I use in order to get my English better. And one major important tips is, I read English entries and I read it loud. When I am at my room for example, I tend to baca kuat-kuat. Not that kuat, but in a speaking way and it works. I tend to lagi faham apa entry tu cakap and I tend to tak tergeliat lidah untuk speak in the future. And these are the blogs that I always stalked them to learn English. Because that is also one of a learning process. :)


  1. Hmmm, saya pula bila nak try ni? Huhuh when i read ur tips, i think i should do the same thing. Cuz english important! Im not good in english cuz maybe im still not confident about it.huhuh

    1. You should try now! Don't delay. :D Me too. I am super nervous when I wanted to speak long time ago. But, you know, who cares? Just try! Be bold! You will be fine :))

  2. My English still sucks but thank you for reading my blog xD

    The thing is when writing you can rewrite and correct your mistakes but when it comes to speaking.... I still haven't tackle yet on how to speak English fluently but just like you said 'confidence is the key to become better'.

    1. You are most welcome. Keep write. I love your posts! And your blog as well. :*

      Indeed. We can always double-check when it comes to writing. But to speak. I mean, you have to have balls to speak! And yes, being confident is the major key! :D


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