Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tutorial: Cara Guna Random dot Org

Hello guys. 

Happy Wednesday! I hope your day will be good. 

Recently, I have had a giveaway, together with my bae; Lyana Ishak. We both didn't do it for a quite long time. So both of us don't really remember how to use to select the winners. And I searched for the tutorial and luckily I found the correct tutorial. Thank you! :* So today, I would love to share to you guys pulak on how to use to select a winner. Without further due, let's get start.

1. Go to the website

2. This is the homepage. In the right you will see a box entitled True Random Number Generator.

3. Change the Max: from 100 into your total of participants. 
Like mine. I changed Max from 100 to 31 according to my giveaway participants.

4. Then click Generate. You will have the result. Good luck! :)


"Burung serindit terbang melayang,
Mari hinggap di ranting mati,
Bukan ringgit pandangan orang,
Budi bahasa tangkaian hati."

Berbudi dan berbahasalah seolah-olah esok kita akan mati.
Be courteous like it seems we are going to die tomorrow.


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