Wednesday, March 8, 2017

apa nak buat bila dah tersesat?

Hello there. Have you lost? Alhamdulillah it was not happening to me for the past and insyaAllah for the future. Ameen. But I have heard at news about lost people and missing people. How can it happen? Easy. You were having conversation with your friends too much until you was not realized that you were not following the track. Other reasons are you are too having your time at the nature till you lost your friend's track. Anyway, I would like to giving you tips for not getting lost.

1. Stay still and find shelter.
We can feel that we are lost, right? So, just stay there and don't walk around. Well, try to look at the place that you can take shelter. Minimize your distance from where you were standing at that moment. "People who stay still are easily to find compared to people who walking around."

2. Wear bright clothes.
Before you attented to the jungle, or mountain, or hil, please assure that you are wearing a bright clothes. It makes people from the heli can see you easily from the above. 

3. Bring all the emergency stuffs.
You can google about what to bring, what not to bring during your journey. You sould always take precautions. Always. Don't try to membebel that's heavy lah what lah. Kalau dah sesat, mana ada Tesco dalam hutan!

4. Dont you ever try to retrace your steps.
This, for me.. Is the hardest part for lost people to decide. They thought they have so good in memorizing their steps, while the truth they make it worst! Just follow the #1; stay still and find shelter and #4: do not retrace your steps.

5. Tell your close friend that you're going to somewhere.
It is vital. Its because of if you are not telling your friends, well ther is no one will looking for you. And you're going to die alone. So, please tell your friends where you are going and when do you coming back. 

I hope you're going to take advantage from my ilmu. And have a safe journey. 

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"Burung serindit terbang melayang,
Mari hinggap di ranting mati,
Bukan ringgit pandangan orang,
Budi bahasa tangkaian hati."

Berbudi dan berbahasalah seolah-olah esok kita akan mati.
Be courteous like it seems we are going to die tomorrow.


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