Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tutorial: How To Make A Contact Form

Hello guys. Today I am back with more tutorial 'cause alhamdulillah, people ask me how I did that, how I did this... Alhamdulillah. So for today, I am going to share to you about How To Make A Contact Form as Syaza requested. Actually, this contact form's link is from Erin Darling. And I am recommend this contact form for you to have it at your blog. It is because it's important (e.g if you won a contest, then the 'penganjur' can contact you directly) and if someone wants to ask you about blog and so on, there you go! This contact form basically you put it at the page. I'll show you mine :) It has a lot of steps (I will show you with pictures) so if you don't understand, please comment or chatbox me okay? :)
1) Sign up here.

2) Create a Blank Form

3) Click at Text Box.
4) Click at Email. 
     ** If you want to put Website like me, its an option. If not, just ignore this.
5) Click at Text Area. 

6) Click at the Untitled and change into what title you like (e.g Name/ Message etc).
7) Adjust the Field Size (px) to 400. Do it at every form (to make it same)

8) Click at the Captcha, then tick No Captcha.

9) Click at Submit Form, you may change to what words you want.

10) When you're done, click at Publish Form at right at the top.
11) Then click Blogger.

12) Copy those code
13) Dashboard > Pages > New Page 
14) Paste it at HTML

15) Publish. And you're done! You know how to make the page available right?????????


  1. Thank you so much dear for this tutorial. Sekarang jugak I buat. Hehe ;D

  2. info yang bagus.. boleh juga guna jotform.. :)

    1. jotform? wah. tak pernah tahu. tapi i bet jotform ni mesto for mastah! :P

    2. kalau otai pn x pernah tahu.. saya yg nubis ni lagi la.. hahahaha

    3. cait otai mende hahaha :D

  3. Assalamualaikum.Cantiknya Blog akak. Ajar2kan lah kita yg sederhanani. Tq

    1. waalaikumsalam yang :) terima kasih <3 alah. tak reti sangat lah darling <3 boleh google; tutorial untuk blog. banyak blog-blog yang buat tutorial :)

      akak ada buat tutorial jugak:
      tapi tak banyak sangat tau :) boleh check it out :)

    2. bleh jadi otai blogger nih banyak buat tutorial.. hahh

    3. wakakak thank you phai is! :D


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