Sunday, March 19, 2017

It Didn't Happen Like You Want

Bila kau ingat kau boleh start over. And make some new friends and perhaps.. Bestfriends? But it turns out tak jadi pun. Kau lagi rasa sedih dan disisihkan. Have you ever feel this? Well. You see. Life is tough. Like freakintough. Dan bila dah tahu life is tough, so you try to make it as your comfort zone and looking for a friend who is willing to do it with you. Dan kau pun perasan bila dia berbaik dengan kau, fine with you, laugh with you, tell you a gossip, hear your story.. Kiranya kau dah rasa dia nilah bestfriend kau. Tapi end up. Tak pun. Well, have you ever feel it? I do. 

I can clearly stated that aku takde bestfriend. I mean like... soulmate or a friend that you can tell them about anything. Yeap, I dont. Techniqually yeah, I have a boyfriend. But, he is man. He know nothing about girl's world. And to be honest, I am pretty sad. Because.. I dont know. Every girls should have at least one bestfriend. I mean like (girls, you know what I mean, aite?).. Its kinda sad.. *sigh* WELL, APA SEBENONYA AKU NAK KABO NI...

So, whatever it is, dont be sad. (whut??) You just move on and start a new chapter of your life by yourself. You know what? Its fine. Even if you have to start it alone, its fine. Just head up and smile and just go find your own soul! Huhuhuh (I am insane) Yeah, aku sedih tu betul. Sape kata aku tipu yang aku sedih? But, Im just get up and go! Dont care about others! Because they dont even care about you! LOL! If you find your soulmate then its cool! Alhamdulillah. But if you dont, then its still cool and just find your path and go! :)

You see, life doesnt always be just like what you want. Its true that its you who determine your life. But it didnt always turn out like what you want. So yeah. :) Have courage and be kind :) BYE! 


  1. I feel you, Eyja.. Sometimes, I just wish that they would last a tad longer.. Till someone new whom would replace the so called bff titled..

  2. Jom join... Tag...


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